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Arts Alive! reception for the artists is Apr 5, 6pm- 9pm
Featuring music by Doug Felden and 4/4 Jazz
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Women and Places by Alicia Tredway

Join us at Sewell Gallery Fine Art for the opening of Featured Artist Alicia Tredway’s exhibit of lush oil paintings titled Women and Places. The exhibit debuts at Arts Alive! Saturday April 5th from 6 to 9pm.

Women and Places largely portrays Tredway’s journey from part of last year to present and include landscapes, the figure, still life and interior spaces, many of which begin from around her home. The work exhibited in Women and Places encompasses the changing seasons and captures different states of light. Capturing light is very important in her work and how it affects the surface of her current subject and how it will transform though painting. Tredway’s paintings are largely based on the relationship between figures and landscape and the formal qualities of painting.

Tredway, who is essentially self-taught, states, “It’s not the subject but how you see it that makes for a good painting.” Tredway is a plein air painter and relies on her local surroundings and use of photography in creating her paintings. She takes great care translating photography to her choice medium of oil paint. She enjoys the physicality of painting with oils and the lush affects of paint on the surface and the beautiful effect oil paint creates. The outcome of these methods creates a lovely, soft appearance with realistic elements.

Everyone is welcome to join the reception to meet Alicia and view her captivating and richly rendered display of work. April 2nd- April 26th at Sewell Gallery Fine Art, located at 423 F Street in Eureka. Gallery hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sunday Noon to 5pm, closed Monday. For more information, call the gallery at (707) 269-0617 or visit their website www.SewellGallery.com

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Gallery Information

Tuesday - Saturday
10am to 6pm
noon to 5pm
Closed Monday

423 F St, Eureka, CA
(707) 269-0617

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